Buk Kyung, Union Square, Somerville MA

Went to this old standby for lunch today. Continued the Noodle Month festivities with a bowl of jajangmyun, the standard thing I would order here when I lived around the corner.

Main dish came accompanied with a cup of hot tea and standard banchan–kimchi, seasoned bean sprouts, pickled cucumber/onion and some daikon kimchi. The noodles were good and chewy, coated with the sweet bean sauce and the bowl rounded out with plenty of onions and some pork. It maybe could have used a bit more pork, but for a hot lunch on cold day this really was just what I wanted. Pretty much like I remembered it!

Two other things of note: in talking with the owner, I told him I used to come there a lot and would always get either the jajangmyun or the spicy codfish stew. He then proceeded to tell me that they just discontinued that menu item because no one ever ordered it. ARGH.

He also said that they have just had their liquor license approved and are planning to add a whole bunch of Korean spirits to the menu shortly. So in the near future you should be able to wash down your gangpoongki with some soju.