Buffalo, solo

Hi, heading up to Buffalo son for a quick biz trip. What do you suggest? Thanks.

I haven’t been in ages. This place,
Toutant, caught my eye online. https://instagram.com/toutantbuffalo?igshid=YzcxN2Q2NzY0OA==

I would also stop at Wegman’s.

One friend goes to Dinosaur BBQ once a year. https://dinosaurbarbque.com/

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The default is Frank & Teresa’s for the original wings, assuming the criterion is “only in Buffalo”.

Anchor Bar wings are fine, though we prefer beef on weck:


i participate in a pizza forum and one of the members opened a pizza place called jay’s artisan pizza. it has been on a number of “best in the country” lists. you can get a sense of his pizza on instagram:


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Where did you end up? I’m contemplating a road trip across the Border.

A peach pizza from Jay’s Artisan Pizza

Went to Schwabl’s for beef on weck. Nice. Tasty sandwich but only open until 8pm.