Buddy's in Columbia Heights - A quick hit

Every once in a long while I eat at a place that I immediately want to return to and try everything. That’s the case with Buddy’s.

This is a sports bar (audio was off) at 11th and Lamont, NW where it’s obvious great care has been given to the idiosyncratic menu. From the ‘Handhelds’ section of the menu I ordered a shrimp patty with a side of coconut collard greens. And here it is:

The first thing I tasted was the greens, a very rich side, with powerful spices and also powerfully salty, but in a way that made sense. Like Sichuan food. If a dish could knock you off a barstool, this would be it.

Next was the shrimp patty. The patty itself was mild but the Asian slaw served with it was not timid in the least. This was a sloppy sandwich that also made a whole lot of sense. The woman next to me highly recommended the curry cabbage and the fried chicken for next time, though she said it’s hard to have a favorite here.

I found a new Buddy.


This place sounds right up our alley (remember, we’re heading down your way in a couple of weeks) but it’s a bit out-of-the-way for our narrow focus. Putting it in my back pocket for our 2025 trip!