Budapest recommendations

Hi I will be in Budapest for 2 nights in December with a group of 8. Looking for a dinner spot near the Budapest hilton for the night of arrival. For the second night location is not as important but would love a spot with good Hungarian foods and wines in an atmosphere conducive to conversation with our Moms (70s and 80s). thanks in advance Adi

If it’s your first time in Budapest, I’d recommend the New York Café (New York Kávéház) which, despite of its name, is all about classic Hungarian cuisine served in a sumptuous dining room that just needs to be experienced & marvelled at. 10 minutes by car from the Hilton.


Dunacorso is another restaurant which I’d highly recommend - like many restaurants, it’s located in Pest, and its al fresco dining area has wonderful views looking across the Danube towards the Castle on the Buda side of the city.


Kolozsvari stuffed cabbage

I love Hungarian food - a bit on the heavy side, but always flavoursome.


Kárpátia Restaurant was the first Budapest restaurant I’d dined in. Reputedly more than 140 years old, its premises are listed as a National Heritage site by the Hungarian Ministry of Culture.

Beef goulash

Veal stew with paprika, served with egg

Roasted pork medallion strips “Brassó style”, with potatoes and mixed pickles

My favourite Hungarian dessert of all time: Somloi galushka


Can’t help you with places near the Hilton, I haven’t looked up where exactly it is. I was also in Budapest in December (over christmas) but it was so cold I didn’t go out to eat every day. However, when I managed to go out in the cold I did enjoy myself at Kéhli. It’s not in the centre but easy to get to, just a case of hopping on the metro (or suburban train, I forgot), and then a short walk. The place was already full by the time I got there, I was seated in the front room 5 minutes later. They have a few rooms (see website) and the room I was in there were only Hungarians. This restaurant is popular with Hungarians for all kinds of traditional dishes. The receptionist that day could speak to us in English so no problem with communication.

I did almost all my research reading these books.

What I ate.

Hungarians are onion and garlic eaters. Hope you can eat raw garlic.

Hungary is the biggest duck and foie gras producer Be sure to try some (unless you don’t eat it for any reason).

Cabbage rolls like Hungarian (grand) mums make.

Don’t miss the fantastic central market. When you see the amounts of foie gras, duck and goose you’ll know why Hungary is the world’s biggest producer of them. Also, what you will find almost nowhere else are Mangalica/Mangalitsa pork and fat, and Hungarian grey cattle (mostly sold as sausages). Get some if you are allowed to bring back to your country. I also like goose cracklings, Hungarians eat them as a snack. Smoked sausages and smoked Speck/bacon are amazing. Hungarians do all things smoked very very well.

I had a nice time and loved the food. Will be back for more smoked foods and Mangalitsa fat, and Turkish bath.


I’d second that - incredibly beautiful and richly-stocked market. The place alone is good enough reason to visit Budapest.