Bubbakoos (west long branch NJ and now sea bright)

So I drive by and saw they opened up today. Does any one have any good experiences here? I think @joonjoon has been there. Actually wait…I have tried this place. Someone got takeout and I was laughing at how mild their ghost pepper burrito was.

*drove by

No - it was a ‘drive by’ review.

It’s like basically the same thing as Chipotle. Pretty close in terms of taste, probably just comes down to personal preference.

Just happy to see more places open up in this town. Anyone been to sea bright fish lately. From my understanding it started out ok then went way down hill. Think they also own the fish market in little silver

Sea Bright Fish Company closed. You are correct that the same folks bought Little Silver Seafood. They are a nice family but don’t know fish the way the previous staff did.

This place had the timing right I think. They also had ample parking with the new lot across the street. I just think they were priced too high. I realize seafood isn’t getting cheaper but I think it was like 17 bucks for a fried shrimp lunch iirc.

I’ve been to Bubbakoo’s many times. Out of 11 locations I’ve been to 3. Similar to Chipotle/Qdoba/Baja Fresh/etc.

They make something called a Chihuahua. It’s kind of like nachos, but it’s a deep fried rice ball, which they smash open, and then cover with all the toppings you want… your choice of beans and meat, etc. I usually get that.

Sometimes they have special things on the menu for limited time like the A1 Steak Buritto, but I’ve never tried it. I always get the chihuahua.

I think out of all the times I’ve been going there I’ve had one bad experience out of say 30. I got a chihuahua that wasn’t good… either it had sat around a bit or was over fried. It was too crunchy.

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I tried this on Thursday when some people ordered takeout at work. I got the ground beef one and just loaded it with everything under the sun lol. For 8.35 this was a good meal. I only ate half and was feeling full. I loaded it up with a bunch of habanero sauce at work since their ghost pepper sauce is a joke. All in all, a pretty cool dish. Thanks for the tip.

I’m really more of a cat guy at heart, but I balk at the thought of eating a chihuahua… :grin:

Seal they actually call it the chiwawa. Lol. I like it. For 8.35 it’s a good sized dish and you can absolutely load it with toppings.

New location is coming to Shrewsbury in the old Sals deli location from what I gather

Apparently there’s one in Neptune also, where Stop n Shop / Local Smoke are. Just drove by one today. I really wish there were more burrito places like this, it’s a fantastic fast food formula.

There’s also one in the new ‘food court’ situation on the northernmost end of the boardwalk in Ocean Grove… The small strip of stores right before you walk through the Casino building and in to AP.

I did not know that and I also saw that Days ice cream moved there as well and left their spot on the Asbury boardwalk


Bubbakoo’s Burritos is opening a new location in Wall Twp. very soon. It is located in the shopping center where Workout World and Meemoms are (behind Shop Rite). I agree with the other commenter that Bubbakoo’s is like Chipotle–but much fresher tasting. We got some takeout from the Neptune location last week. The staff there were very upbeat and friendly! The burritos are gigantic!!