Bubbakoos Burritos, New Jersey

(Eat Me !) #1

What’s the charm?

I guess I just don’t get it. Build your own pile of psuedo Mexican crap and roll it in a tortilla.

Is it just me, or do these places really suck?

(Evelyn C. Leeper) #2

The one I like the best of these is Queso Grill in Lincroft (not a chain, though it seems like one in many ways). I have a definite preference for what to get: wet whole wheat burrito, pinto beans, no rice, grilled chicken, dos tomatillo sauce, green sauce, cheese, sour cream, chopped onion. I also have a set order for Moe’s (similar, but with more diced fresh veggies in it).

What I like about these places is that I can get what I like and avoid what I don’t. For example, I believe that rice inside a burrito is an abomination–a way to make you think you’re getting a lot for your money while giving you empty carbs. (For those of us who are pre-diabetic or diabetic, this matters.) When I design my own, I can skip the rice.

Chipotle, among its bad press issues, tends to throw stuff on before I can say (e.g.) that I want green sauce, not red.

When I go to an authentic Mexican restaurant, I don’t get burritos anyway.


Here is an older thread. I have only been once and it actually was not bad. Of course local Mexican spots are better

(Mr met) #4

CJ, bee here lately? Will be hitting this up prob this week, curious how it compares to some other spots. Would love to venture to the more authentic spots but sadly my tummy can’t handle spicy foods and I have to stick to gringo Mexican food.


No I have only had it twice. It is not bad but I like the authentic mexican spots. There are lots of local Mexican spots that don’t serve spicy dishes. They have a variety so you need to know what to order.

I believe you’re somewhat local to red bank. Like some people on here, I’m a fan of lino’s, international Mexican grocery and north of the border.

For dishes that aren’t spicy, the al pastor tacos and burritos at img and lino’s are very good. No spice at all…sweet profile with the pineapple. Lino’s has sweeter al pastor.

If you venture to long branch I have some other spots too.

(John) #6

It’s for people with kids Vik, not grown ups.