Bubbakoos Burritos, New Jersey

What’s the charm?

I guess I just don’t get it. Build your own pile of psuedo Mexican crap and roll it in a tortilla.

Is it just me, or do these places really suck?

The one I like the best of these is Queso Grill in Lincroft (not a chain, though it seems like one in many ways). I have a definite preference for what to get: wet whole wheat burrito, pinto beans, no rice, grilled chicken, dos tomatillo sauce, green sauce, cheese, sour cream, chopped onion. I also have a set order for Moe’s (similar, but with more diced fresh veggies in it).

What I like about these places is that I can get what I like and avoid what I don’t. For example, I believe that rice inside a burrito is an abomination–a way to make you think you’re getting a lot for your money while giving you empty carbs. (For those of us who are pre-diabetic or diabetic, this matters.) When I design my own, I can skip the rice.

Chipotle, among its bad press issues, tends to throw stuff on before I can say (e.g.) that I want green sauce, not red.

When I go to an authentic Mexican restaurant, I don’t get burritos anyway.

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Here is an older thread. I have only been once and it actually was not bad. Of course local Mexican spots are better

CJ, bee here lately? Will be hitting this up prob this week, curious how it compares to some other spots. Would love to venture to the more authentic spots but sadly my tummy can’t handle spicy foods and I have to stick to gringo Mexican food.

No I have only had it twice. It is not bad but I like the authentic mexican spots. There are lots of local Mexican spots that don’t serve spicy dishes. They have a variety so you need to know what to order.

I believe you’re somewhat local to red bank. Like some people on here, I’m a fan of lino’s, international Mexican grocery and north of the border.

For dishes that aren’t spicy, the al pastor tacos and burritos at img and lino’s are very good. No spice at all…sweet profile with the pineapple. Lino’s has sweeter al pastor.

If you venture to long branch I have some other spots too.

It’s for people with kids Vik, not grown ups.

Finally made it here twice. First time was t bad but definitely bland, much more so than chipotle yet more expensive and smaller portions.
Will say people were very nice however. Never seems crowded so I’m not sure why they want to franchise 500 locations; maybe work on what you have first.
Second time was even more bland than first. Literally almost no flavor. I think the rice is part of the problem, must be unseasoned.
Will go in a pinch if heading into RB is just too much traffic or headache, but won’t really rush …esp given price point

So Img al pastor burrito would be a good gringo starting point for me? If I can tear myself from Greek eats for a solo meal this might be my next spot or maybe after haircut one Saturday soon.

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I’ve never had the burritto at img. I normally get tacos. I’m more of a taco guy but I imagine it would be good.

I’d maybe try to get a split plate of 2 chorizo tacos and 2 AL pastor at linos. This would be a special request. The issue is you need to find someone that speaks english. You might end up getting 4 plates of tacos lol.

Some of the IMG platters are worth a try. I think they have one with steak and Al pastor on it.

I don’t recall that one but I’ve had at least 5 dishes there (not including tacos variations.)

I prefer the tacos.

Notb has some good dinners along with the half linos bird

Will do tacos then if it’s the go to. Migh try to sneak in after a haircut one of these days. Stupid questions but are they open on sun and is it can only?

Linos takes cards but the machine isn’t the most reliable. Don’t ask lol.

I’m not sure about img. Id just bring cash as a back up

Because they are so deelishus, it’s understandable.

IMG takes cards.

A new Bubbakoos is opening in the Hazlet Town Center (supposedly in October, but you know how these things go). The Hazlet Town Center is the shopping center at Route 35 and Bethany Road with Aldi’s in it.


I’ve been to a cpl of these and have yet to experience anything close to being very good; I cant imagine the expansion is driven by anything more than a desire for franchise $$$; none of the locations I’ve been by have ever been packed like a chipotle. The Chipotle by the Monmouth mall literally had lines out the door pre-covid; I’ve yet to see more than 5 people in a Bubakoos. Then again, people keep opening Subway locations, so I guess there’s no shortage of people willing to open a location, regardless of the risk.


I have to say they have a good carnitas