Brunch suggestions for Newton, MA?

Heading to Newton for some errands today and thinking about stopping for brunch. Anyone have a favorite spot?

The brunch at Cook is pretty good. It can get crowded, though.

Thanks for the suggestion, bear! We ended up going to Inna’s Kitchen, which I highly recommend. They serve “Jewish cuisine from around the world”. I had an omelette with shakshuka, feta, and avocado, rye toast, home fries, and coffee. Shakshuka was a delight. It’s a new dish to me and a hangover cure if ever I’ve had one. My partner raved over her pastrami and cole slaw on marble rye. The place has a warm, friendly vibe and casual atmosphere. There are a few tables for two, a counter with stools, and one bigger table in the back but most folks seemed to be coming through for takeout. No mimosas but the self-serve coffee was excellent.

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I’m a fan of shakshuka, and Inna’s version is certainly decent, but it’s an Arab dish.

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Without wanting to start a thing, you do realise that Jews can be Arab, don’t you? Jews did inhabit the Maghreb, and not just Ashenazim. (See Mizrahi and Sephardi.)

(I’m glad to hear it’s a decent version. I’m intrigued for when I visit Newton again. Typically, though, I make my own…)

You are absolutely correct, I didn’t mean to imply otherwise, but was trying to make the point that it has broader provenance. It would probably be more correct to describe it as middle eastern, rather than Jewish or Arab. In fact it’s likely because of Tunisian and Maghrebi Jews that you find it all over Israel. My favorite spot for it is a small beach shack in north Tel Aviv - although that might partially be attributed to the amazo effect of having breakfast overlooking the Mediterranean.

Nightcheese, welcome to HO! Thanks for reporting back. I’ve read about Inna’s but never been. It sounds worth exploring, so I’ll check it out in the future. Glad you had a good meal.

Stopped in for Saturday brunch at Cook in Newtonville to discover they have added a take on shakshuka (spelled shashouska on their menu). Piquant peppers, freshly-baked mini pitas, tzatziki, some olive tapenade, and a bit of greens. Really delightful despite the eggs are cooked well past runny and the pitas are crispy rather than soft. I would have it again. They also added huevos rancheros, which my SO enjoyed. The menu additions improve an already-decent brunch option.

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