Brunch in San Jose?

I’ll be meeting some friends for brunch in San Jose on Sunday. Wondering if anyone has ideas for interesting brunch spots? Probably not looking for Vietnamese, which is what I usually end up eating in San Jose, and probably not dim sum either, but any other kind of food could work.

I haven’t spent much time in San Jose, so would be equally pleased w/ a new place or a tried-and-true place.

Thanks in advance!

For something very order at the counter casual:

I’m not much of a brunch guy, but are you looking downtown SJ, or the surrounding environs? If so, which direction? ( With all the sprawl down there, there’s a huge difference between Santana Row, Cupertino, Milpitas, all cities people might lump into “San Jose”…

Are you interested in Chinese / Dim Sum ?

Is alcohol a feature ( bloody mary / mimosa ) ?

Also - a quick yelp search actually gives a huge number of San Jose brunch options.
Arcadia ( fancy side )
Southern Kitchen
Top Nosh
Cafe Gourmet
Cafe San Jose
Peanuts Deluxe
Orchard City Kitchen
SP2 ( well reviewed )

We ended up eating at Orchard City Kitchen. We had a reservation and four of us shared a bunch of things. Highlights were the lobster dumplings, which I thought were really nice – slightly spicy, lots of lobster flavor. Also the Hussy sandwich (sausage, egg, a sweet sauce, on a brioche-like bun).
I also really liked the banana soft-serve sundae.

Corned beef hash was kind of boring and plain, biscuits were sort of dry and average, bacon was good, chilaquiles were bland.

My friends who drank coffee really liked it, and we shared a pitcher of the mimosa drink (guava, passion, orange, champagne) which I thought was just OK. Noise levels were high, service was friendly and efficient.

It was a fun meal overall, and I liked the creativity of the menu.