brunch in Marblehead, MA

Yesterday we took a ride and ended up in Marblehead. Last fall, i had wanted to have lunch outside by the water but opportunities eluded me. We drove by The Landing
at 81 Front Street around 2 pm found parking and wandered in. Warmly greeted, offered a table on the enclosed deck, we accepted. They were serving brunch until 3 pm. We started with mussels steamed in a curry lemongrass broth. Almost ordered fried calamari as well, then thought let’s see. Smart move as the mussel portion was both very generous and delicious.

. I know most people take a photo when the plate arrives . Next best thing show the empty shells. accompanied by two wedges of garlic bread to sop up the broth. Was later offered more garlic bread for the broth and accepted. Good decision not to order the fried calamari as well. I was quite content but someone else was interested in either a burger or the fish and chips, ultimately choosing the fish & chips in an Allagash beer batter deemed delicious . I chose arugula salad dressing on the side with moliterno tartufo and sliced avocado. We both had coffee while the fish and chips devotee considered a draught beer

![IMG_2719|700x525](upload://tsVk2iN7QMSaPi7vnr01coC10Vs.jpeg) Eating at a very leisurely pace we were there for two hours and had no room for dessert. Made in house there were 3 choices : a flourless chocolate cake, a homemade ice cream and tiramisu. Our server was a delight. Next trip we'll try The Barnacle further up Front Street just to compare though it will be hard to drive by The Landing.

Sunday brunch at The Landing – a classic move. The harbor probably wasn’t too busy this time of year but still pleasant, I’m sure. One Sunday brunch I watched someone in a jacket and tie walk down to a neighboring dock, take off his shoes, lash the laces together and drape them around his neck. He then stepped on a sailboard and proceeded to sail to the opposite side of the harbor. Veeeery impressive.