Brunch in Houston

I typically don’t brunch much, but this dish at Hungry’s is just so pretty…

But a funny thing happened on the way to the smoked salmon avocado toast with roasted red potatoes and Persian cucumber salad. And in looking back on it, I think I’ve been punked. Member Jaymes has heard this story already, but for your entertainment Monday, the story goes like this.

Following brunch, I ordered a big piece of New York style cheesecake with raspberry sauce and ate half. While waiting for a to-go box for the remainder, a young woman dining with 2 girlfriends nearby came over, fork in hand. She asked me if I’m from New York and I said no, are you? She nodded yes and said, “I’m just gonna…” and stabbed the half eaten cheesecake with her fork and took a big bite. I gotta admit, I was stunned yet amused. Yet stunned. I looked over at her table and her two friends were alternating between laughing and shrinking down in embarrassment. I asked her what her verdict is and she sadly shook her head. We then had a short discussion about Galway because whe was wearing a Galway t-shirt, and she returned to her friends. :rofl::laughing::rofl::laughing:



Great recollection! Thanks for sharing.