[Bruges, Belgium] Dinner at Den Amand

What attracted us to Den Amand was its location in the middle of the Old Town (just off the Belfort’s large market square), but in a surprisingly quiet alleyway. Its offerings are the type targetted at the local clientele, which was reflected in the make-up of diners in the restaurant the evening we were there. It’s helmed by a talented female chef Ann Vissers, whose husband, Arnout, takes care of the front of the house.

We’d been nibbling/grazing our way through Bruges the entire day, so were looking for a light meal before catching the train back to Brussels.

Amuse-geule - Goat’s cheese, peppers, tomato & olive oil dip with biscuits

Pan-fried brill fillet, with seasonal salad, warm vegetables in a tulip-shaped pastry shell, and pomme purée (mashed potatoes) on the side

Cappellini vongole with mushrooms, zucchini, leeks and herb butter

The dishes were perfectly cooked and very flavoursome.
We also loved the service by M Arnout, who’s both genial yet quietly efficient. Highly recommended.

Den Amand
4 Sint-Amandsstraat, Brugge, 8000, Belgium
Tel: +3250340122
Opening hours:
Mon-Tue: 12.00pm-2.15pm, 6.00pm-9.00pm
Thu-Sat: 12.00pm-2.15pm, 6.00pm-9.00pm
Closed on Sunday


I love brill. You don’t see it too often on menus though.

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Lucky you. Brill is my favourite of all flatfish. Two years ago it was half the price of turbot, now it’s the same price. Not only that, brill is not as common anymore. Fishmongers rather sell turbot as it’s more “desirable”. Pity I scoff at turbot. Used to eat brill every saturday (market day for fresh fish) for years and years.


These days I settle for place and other flatfish.


Plaice used to be very common here but you don’t see it too often these days

Interesting. Plaice is more common here. What are some of the more common flatfish in your area? Only brill is rarer here but we still have other species to choose from.

At home I moan about the price of North Sea and north Atlantic fish/seafood, but when I see fish prices in other European countries I realise we have it good here in the cold, windy north. For instance, North Sea shrimp (Crangon crangon) is 32 euro a kilo in Brussels. I pay 20 here. But to be fair, the seafood are from nearby, NL has many fleets, shorter distance to transport.

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