[Bruges, Belgium] Brasserie Tompouce, Burg Square

The medieval city of Bruges is incredibly beautiful, with its canals and ancient Gothic buildings. The city is also full of cafes to cater to the many daytrippers and tourists who flock there to drink in the sights. The UNESCO World Heritage listed Historic Centre is also small enough to be covered by foot within a day, though one can also opt for man y horse carriages and also sightseeing boats plying the canals.

We chose Brasserie Tompouce for its amazing views of Bruges’ City Hall, and its proximity to the Basilica of the Holy Blood right next to it.

What we had for lunch:

  1. Flemish-style rabbit leg stew in dark beer sauce, served with salad & potato croquettes

  1. Waterzooi - chicken stew with vegetables & cream sauce, served with a side of pommes frites

Our only regret is not planning enough time to explore more of Bruges’ culinary offerings. We made a day-trip from Brussels, and it’s barely enough to cover the historic sights. Four days/three nights in Bruges would be much more realistic. Next time.

Burg 17
8000 Bruges, Belgium
T +32 (0)50 330 336
Opening hours: 10am-10pm daily