Brown Butter Bourbon...has anyone made this?

Watching Ming on PBS and hearing his glowing comments on brown butter bourbon, then Googling it to find that bourbon can indeed be flavored at home, I wondered if any of you have done so. And the results?

I keep scrolling past this thinking, “brown butter bourbon what? Pecan pie, pound cake, ice cream, chocolate truffles?” But no, you want to flavor the bourbon itself? Don’t know how to do that, but brown butter does make most things better!

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Interesting, would like to know the result, if you decide to make it. :grinning:

Do you mean brown butter fat washed bourbon?

If you don’t know what you are doing fat washed spirits can be a cesspool of bacteria and rancidness. Done right they can be very good, but personally I think most fat washing was a trend 5-10 years ago. Most of the products just aren’t that good. Once, fine. On a regular basis. nope. Also many recipes don’t show how to make it safely. Many say pour hot melted fat/brown butter, bacon fat, etc. directly onto 80-100+ proof spirits. Dangerous. Must let the fat cool down to less than 120F.


Thanks for this good input and for the heads up. Ming gave no such warning .