Brothers Taverna Salem [MA]

Armed with a Groupon for 20% cash back and a Yelp check-in for the same discount, I headed up to Brothers Taverna in Salem. They are located next door to my favorite parking garage. 25¢/hour. I had the Country Breakfast (9). “Three eggs any style with sausage patties, biscuit & sausage gravy”. My three eggs over easy were cooked perfectly. The biscuits were nicely toasted and light. The sausage patties were well seasoned and really tasty. The sausage gravy was also excellent, seasoned well and properly peppery. Look at those home fries! Rumor has it that their corned beef hash is excellent.


Enjoying these latest reports of your finds. Thank you for posting them!

I can’t remember if I have ever seen biscuits served here in MA, so this is cool
to know. A simple buttered biscuit is a happy thing. Which would leave more sausage gravy for everyone else. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you like biscuits, try them at The Porch in Wakefield. Also, try everything else! The Nashville Hot Wings are excellent and not that hot.


biscuits in Boston area: Sweet Cheeks in Fenway, great. Tupelo in Inman Cambridge, OK, but a bit metallic tasting. Highland Kitchen Somerville: good when they aren’t stale.

I don’t like sausage gravy, but the biscuits at Southern Kin at Assembly were also good, last time I tried, over a year ago.

NC native whose mother used to make biscuits from scratch several times a week…and who keeps trying herself!


To keep my Georgian husband happy north of the Mason-Dixon Line, I have learned to make biscuits. He says “fried chicken” and I hear biscuits. :wink:

Best ones I ever had at a restaurant was a spot in Meridian MS. [Small aside, they had a hen house behind the restaurant and would run out to collect an egg when you ordered.] I have had the Sweet Cheeks biscuits and they were very good. But four per order? I can’t eat that many at one time! Heck, we can’t both eat two in one sitting.


I can eat one biscuit if I’m not eating much else. But I took a tip from my mother: toasting halved leftover biscuits and then putting on butter is a second chance that can turn out well. I can’t make fried chicken and don’t like it, unless it’s that boneless dish Sarma brings around. Haven’t had that in two years…time to try again.

I remember you posting somewhere about a time when you lived in a very small town in NC. My sympathies and compassion. I was born in Raleigh, and then lived in Raeford (near Fort Bragg) and Gastonia (near Charlotte) as a young child before we moved to High Point when I started 5th grade. Then to Asheboro (state zoo, not Asheville) for high school. Glad to have lived elsewhere since age 18!


We lived all over the state as visiting artists. Started in Elizabeth City, then Randleman [just north of Asheboro, I was in residence at the local community college], then over to Rocky Mount and Wilson. Loved my job. Didn’t love the places we had to live.

And the Sarma chicken is still wonderful, though not as frequent a pass-by as it once was. :frowning:

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Oh, wow. This thread has me craving fried chicken and biscuits now. I have lived in Massachusetts all my adult life. But I grew up in Pittsburgh where fried chicken is a staple at family gatherings. I don’t make fried chicken at home though I feel that it’s about time to bust out a batch of biscuits soon.

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Then my work is done!


Oh yes, Randleman. I knew it well in high school. Went there for the ABC store but I think we had to go to somewhere nearer another county border to get beer on Sunday. You drove to the back of the store and they’d hand you six packs, a bottle opener, and some popcorn, at the car. Only did that once. I went back to Asheboro about 10 years ago (my parents retired back to Raleigh well before then) and was amazed you could buy wine at a store and even buy a wine or beer or a drink at a chain restaurant. I’d love to hear about your visiting artist experiences. Asheboro was at least close to Seagrove and those potters. I graduated Asheboro High in 1973 when the drinking age was 18. Long time ago!

They now offer the biscuits by either the 4 pack or per biscuit.

too bad they haven’t updated their online menu to reflect that.

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