Brot: German in Guerneville [CA]

We just got back from 2 days in Guerneville (first time) and went to Brot on Main Street on a whim. (Which one can do, as they don’t take reservations.) The prices are in line with some of the other restaurants on the street and much cheaper than the fancy places in the area. Food is quite good. We didn’t really feel like the wursts and schnitzels and so forth, so we had slightly lighter fare.

–Bavarian pretzel to start. Not as humongous as the pretzels seen in some of the beer joints down here, and it came with both butter sprinkled with black salt and a sweet-sharp mustard
–We both got the fish plate: smoked salmon (with mustard), trout (with sour cream), and herring, plus some pickled vegetables, good German bread, and more of that lovely butter. All of the fish were in top form, especially the herring.
–Sides: red cabbage salad with apples and cucumber salad. I very much liked the cabbage salad, which had lots of dill (as did the cucumber salad), but the cucumber one had a cream sauce which was a little surprising, as I was looking forward to a nice bracing vinegar dressing.

Nice long list of German and local beers, plus German wines and a bunch of spirits, including Underberg if that’s your post-wurst go-to. There were only 2 dessert offerings: something with almonds and an absolutely wonderful black forest chocolate pudding. The pudding was rich and not too sweet, and was topped with creme fraiche, sweet Luxardo cherries, and pickled cherries.


Nice! Thanks for the detailed report. It’s on our list to try on our next trip. We’re big fans of Speisekammer/Alameda, and really miss Cafe Europe/SRosa.