[Brooklyn] [Williamsburg] Recommendations for Williamsburg

Which restaurants, bars, coffee shops and bakeries would you recommend to a single female 30something Canadian staying in Williamsburg for 4 days? It will be her first visit to Brooklyn. I have taken her to my favourite spots in Manhattan on previous visits to NYC. I also am sending her the recent Brooklyn Museum thread from this Board.

Thanks for any input or recommendations. Any type of food , mains under $30.

I have only eaten in three nearby places. The first one is highly recommended. Sorry I’m not permitted by this site to provide links

  1. Spectacular Pizza: L’industrie Pizza
  2. A legendary but controversial steakhouse: Peter Lugers (Google Pete Wells, Peter Lugers)
  3. A serviceable but not outstanding Indian restaurant called Masti

Thank you!
I’ll save Peter Luger for a trip where I can join her, so we can share the Porterhouse.



So many places in Williamsburg. Trying to stick to the under 30 limit, Chez Ma Tante comes to mind for French. Paulie Gee for pizza. Taqueria Ramirez seems to be the hot new taco place. Haven’t been yet. Francie could work with careful ordering. Birds of a Feather for really outstanding Chinese.

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Thank you!

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A bit older:

I think Lilia and/or Misi are definitely worth a visit. BK Jani is on my list for when I’m out and about again. Pizza she will have her pick of styles. The William Vale has a lovely view, for a sunset drink.

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