[Brooklyn] The River Cafe

Lunch at the River Cafe today.

Amuse bouche smoked cod puree

Steak tartare with quail egg

House smoked salmon with caviar

Fluke crudo

Niman ranch strip steak warm red center

Duck breast huckleberry sauce

Some views


Nice. We were there 3 weeks ago for my wife’s birthday. Always a pleasure to dine in that space, especially since the food is, again, above average.

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Yep. We think it’s a great place to take out of town guests. Always good food and service, and probably the best views of Manhattan in the city.

Do you live in the area?

I think this deserves its own thread. Perhaps a moderator can split it off.

That steak pic is epic! Good job vk! I can probably Google this, but is there a price fixe menu?

What was the best?

Did you eat any of the flowers? :smile:

When we got married in 1990 we were not able to get away. So the day after our wedding we had dinner here. David Burke was the chef at the time, I believe. It was wonderful. I’m glad it still looks great!

@corvette_johnny, Prix-fixe menu for dinner, lunch, and brunch. Breakfast is a la carte.

Thanks Roz. It appeared that way. Looks like a wonderful place! All of those dishes are speaking my language. I like the fact that they have fluke on the menu.

You’re welcome, c-j! I’m almost ashamed to admit that we’ve never been there. Not because it’s upscale or “special occasion” because we dine out that way regularly (e.g., EMP, etc.). More that it’s in Brooklyn where we rarely go to eat. We do need to make a concerted effort to get to TRC as I’m sure we’d like it.

I don’t get to BK much either. I think the last time I was there I was food truck hopping in red hook a few years ago. If it was easier to get to I would love to go more often, but I’m here in central/coastal nj. The ferry is minutes away but that only brings me to Manhattan. Life goes on :slight_smile:

Saturday lunch is $47 for two courses.

Sunday brunch is $60 for two courses.

Everything is good.

Before the thread got rearranged…

Not trying to be nosey. We live about 8 blocks away from the River Cafe in Bklyn Heights & I wondered if you needed to know about some of the other worthwhile places in the immediate area. Not only food. We’ve been there for 35 years.

We’ve been to a lot of restos in Brooklyn, but I’m always interested in what other people like.

Waddya got?

AI’ll stick to my immediate area. We eat at the bar at Noodle Pudding at least once/week. Excellent Italian, with fresh fish, most pasta made in house & fresh vegetables. Owner/chef from Ischia, who loves to feed people. And 2 doors away is Henry’s End, with a great wine list & a very well done American menu. Soft shells in season & a game menu in the cold weather. Both are on Henry St, on the end where Dumbo starts. On the other end of the neighborhood, off Atlantic Ave, is a small storefront byob called Lilo’s. The owner is from Rome & it’s not a Brooklyn Eye-talian place, but a low priced neighborhood Trattoria serving fresh pastas & sides of artichokes,etc done well. Next door is Hibino, a nice Japanese place with great daily specials. Both on Henry St, on the Cobble Hill side of Atlantic. River Deli, a Place run by a Sardinian couple, is on Joralemon St, one block up from the park. Again, freshly made stuff. There are more.