[Brooklyn] & [Queens] food trip

Hey folks, haven’t posted here much but occasionally my buddies and I like to do some food trips to NYC, thought I’d share here since we had some great eats yesterday.

Papusas at Alegria, Brooklyn https://www.yelp.com/biz/alegria-brooklyn

Papusas aren’t exactly mind blowing food or anything, it’s just humble food. But the thing about this place is that it’s manned by 1 lady, and you get the ultimate grandma experience. It felt exactly like I stepped into a grandma’s kitchen, and the experience was pure deliciousness. Of the ones we had, the chicken and cheese was the best. 3 for 10.50.

Nene’s Deli Taqueria, Brooklyn https://www.yelp.com/biz/nenes-deli-taqueria-brooklyn

The birria tacos here are amazing. Just as amazing if not better is the birria empanada, and I didn’t get to try it but the mulita looked amazing as well, looks like they throw a scoop of guac in there. I’ve been to hyped up Birria places like Birria Landia, and IMO this place is better. And you can’t beat the price, 2 birria tacos, empanada, and small consome was just 12 dollars.

Laliguras, Queens https://www.yelp.com/biz/laliguras-restaurant-jackson-heights?osq=nepalese

A Nepali restaurant, I’ve been here before and they are always good. We got a goat thali and some veg momos. Their sauces are great, and if you’re into that sort of thing they have a chopped up goat head dish that’s just perfect with some beer. Like a not of Nepal places they give you extra rice and veg on the house which is always great.

Sweet Paan from some random corner place around Roosevelt Ave

Ok… I have no idea what the heck this is but it’s basically like chewing on some tobaccoey tasting potpourri. I just couldn’t handle this, but it was certainly an interesting experience! For 2 bucks I’d recommend giving it a try if you’re into… experiences.

Burmese Bites, Queens https://www.yelp.com/biz/burmese-bites-elmhurst-2

Now for my highlight… a Burmese restaurant (which, it seems there are only 3 in the NYC/NJ area) in a mall food court!! This place is truly special and holy shit did I enjoy their food. In general you can’t go wrong with those SE Asian flavors, and this place really delivered. We got some potato curry with palata, and a noodle dish called Nan Gyi Thoke. Came to about 20 bucks! Man the textures and flavors in the Nan Gyi Thoke was amazing, has that Pad Thai like sweet salty tangy nutty thing going on but with a bit more creaminess. Make sure to ask for the cucumber condiment thingy, which totally blew my mind with how delicious it was! And the owners are super nice, and they directed us to another Burmese (Myanmarese?) place in NJ, which is run by their relatives.


Thanks for the report @joonjoon!

How did you pick where you went?

I had pupusas at a little place in Elizabeth NJ after dropping someone to EWR and it felt like this — the family were sitting around when we walked in (so we thought maybe they were closed?). They started cooking after we ordered — everything was delicious! My first pupusas were at El Olomega near the red hook ball fields — highly recommend. It’s mesmerizing to watch the ladies pat them out.

I LOVE paan, but if you do this again you can customize it. For a sweeter version, ask for “Kalkatta Meetha” and tell them to leave out the supari and put less chuna.

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I love good Burmese food. Do you have the name of the Burmese place in Jersey?


That would be Amayar Kitchen, in Maywood, which prepares this excellent laphet thoke (tea leaf salad). More photos:


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Basically it’s all yelp! I pick neighborhoods and cuisines and try to find places that don’t look too fancy.

Next time I’m near red hook I’ll look it up, thanks for the rec! And yes what you described was exactly how it went down, we put in our order and she took all the damn time she wanted to roll out those balls, one at a time with plenty of love and patience. lol

You will have to give me some more lessons on paan! The one I got was “special” so I think it had everything on it? I can’t imagine it getting much sweeter, it was already too sweet for me.

chuna or choona, an Indian term for calcium hydroxide as used in a digestive aid

Is that right???

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Yes @Steve that’s the place! I’m excited to give it a try.

That is right!

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