‘Bromakase’ Is the New Steakhouse

Sounds like a nightmare to me.

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That’s the NYT for you, jumping on a trend that even uncool me has known about for at least a decade. Also note the very neutral reference to Joe Rogan. :face_vomiting:


I feel lucky to have escaped this decade long trend in the boonies, probably bc our local bro culture doesn’t extend much beyond football and sports bars.

Thankfully I have avoided this as well. Sounds horrible. (IMHO) “Bros” looking to impress can ruin just about anywhere, but businesses just can’t turn down their willingness to pay obscene prices for stupid sh*t to impress their friends (and women).


I haven’t read the article, but just the portmanteau of ‘bromakase’ made me throw up in my mouth a little bit.


I like the reference to it in the article as “fauxmakase” :wink:


Having now read the article, about all I can do is respond with a sort of shrug.

It all seems to be the equivalent of the $1000 ice cream sundae made with whole Tahitian vanilla beans with Michele Cuizel chocolate sauce in a Waterford crystal bowl with a 14k gold spoon and gold leaf.

Which is to say, it probably tastes very nice, but the whole point is allowing 1%-ers to flex their wallets. I often wonder if these dudes actually even taste what their eating or appreciate it in any sort of meaningful way, or if they’re more like a certain multiply-indicted former president, ordering prime steaks well done with ketchup.

For instance, I’d love to find out that one of these places was serving commodity level mall sushi tuna or salmon dressed up for the occasion.

Or maybe this is all sour grapes on my part, since I know there’s no chance in hell I’d drop five bills or more on a single meal.