" Broadway Cafe, Richmond Hill" - After some excellent take-out food, finally a chance to savour a dine-in experience!

After having savoured and was extremely impressed by the taste and quality of their take-out food, I finally had a chance to have a sit-down meal at this ‘extremely popular’ Richmond Hill eatery!

My visit also allowed me to perform a thorough scrutiny of the place…Man! Am I overawed! Vaulted high ceiling with ‘Jumbo size Chandeliers’ for a Hong Kong Style cafe restaurant?!..talk about over-the-top decor! Next, 4 large screen 4K UHDTV discretely showing both the Raptors and NCAAB Final 4 basketball games!! For a Chinese restaurant not to show Chinese Soap Opera?! So cool! I was left speechless!

Our party of 4 placed the following order with our extremely friendly lady-server. We had:

  • Satay Beef with Rice Vermicelli

  • Baked Portuguese Chicken Rice Casserole

  • Baked Fried Pork Cutlet in Creamy Tomato Sauce Rice Casserole

  • Hainanese Chicken Rice

  • Stirred fry Beef with Choi-Sum

Complimentary Hong Kong style Russian Borscht and beverage drinks came with all entrees.

Food was delicious and portion size was huge. We ended up taking almost a third of the food home. Stand-outs included the very flavourful, super dense and complex Satay soup. The well-executed, aromatic, rich and creamy casserole dishes. The tender stirred fry beef was nicely seasoned with oyster sauce and the profile…full of wok-hay smokey goodness.

To me, the only let down was the Hainanese Chicken rice which followed the Singapore approach by using regular chicken to create a soft and tender product. My preference would be the Malaysian approach of using ‘free-range’ chicken to achieve a more flavourful and chewy mouth-feel outcome. The seasoned rice was quite enjoyable though!..Guess to each its own?!

So glad to have such a nice food destination so close to home!