[Brixham, Devon] Simply Fish

Situated right on the harbour, this place has a traditional chippy takeaway at one end and a very modern bistro type restaurant at the other. The restaurant has a short but interesting seafood men. On another occasion, I might have chosen the monkfish curry. But this was our last lunch at the coast for this trip which meant it just had to be fish & chips. Generous portions of cod, encased in a crisp batter that had none of the oiliness that you often get. Very good chips as well. In fact, this was the best fish & chips we’ve had in a long time. And, it was “down south” for goodness sake.


Oh the old South vs North chippie feud, eh? Haha. I’ve had fish and chips in the North and in Scotland. Didn’t find them all that different, if at all, but I’ll concede since everyone says the same - North beats South. (What am I missing?) The best we’ve had anywhere is near my aunt’s place in Leigh on Sea - place called the Fish Inn. Huge pieces of haddock (our preferred fish) lightly and crisply battered yet moist inside, chips never greasy, never soggy, just right. We’ve had none better, and are commanded to pick it up for lunch on every visit. The long pandemic stretch when we didn’t travel there was difficult (especially for my guy) but even after two years of staying away, the owner remembered our order exactly and she asked how my aunt was. For me, that adds flavour to any meal. Our order - two pieces of haddock and one large chips between the three of us (leaves a half piece in the fridge for my 95 year old aunt who lives alone) and a gherkin for me. 1117, LONDON ROAD, Leigh-On-Sea for the record if you ever dare brave ‘Sarfend’


Probably frying in beef dripping which is still quite common “oop norf”. As a northwesterner, it saddens me to say that the F & C in Yorkshire is possibly the best in the country.


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