[Bristol] Request for ideas, particularly for breakfast

I’m off to Bristol in August, and would appreciate advice on food options. I already have plans for:

  • Breakfast at Yurt Lush
  • Lunch at one of the Somali cafes on Stapleton Road (but which one?) and Yume Kitchen
  • Snacks and/or a cup of tea at Thali Cafe and Cox & Baloney
  • Dinner at Birch and Bell’s Diner
  • Drinks at the Hillgrove Porter Stores (though sadly their interesting-looking okinomiyaki residency will be away on holiday while I’m there)

Other places on my radar are Hart’s Bakery, Aron’s Jewish Deli, The Caudron, Bellita, and Bravas. (Bulrush will be closed for its summer holidays.) So, two questions:

  • Is there anything else I should try not to miss? I prefer vegetables, pulses, and seafood to meat, in general, but I do eat meat (pork is my favourite, not that keen on chicken). I don’t particularly like pizza, pasta, or sweet things (cakes, desserts, etc).
  • Where’s good for breakfast, and I mean at actual breakfast time, i.e. 8am at the latest?

I’ll be staying quite centrally (Lewin’s Mead Premier Inn) and will have a BristolRider bus pass.