Brisket all the way, moist with lots of bark.

Continuing the discussion from The Big Ole NJ Steak Thread:

I’m confused. If you want to make an NJ brisket thread the subject has to be a lot more compelling lol.

Just saw this on Twitter…

@NotJrvedivici since OP is from Texas suggest we move this from NJ board to general cooking discussions.

Would further state that I agree with CJ that the premise be more compelling than “Continuing the discussion from The Big Ole NJ Steak Thread” but then perhaps the OP has nothing compelling to say about brisket.

Knowing a few Texans I find that hard to believe but then there you have it.

To put this another way…

Where’s the beef ?

By the way, I much prefer clod to brisket.

Lol. I had some real Cali tri tip bbq last night out here in Santa Clarita and although not “low n slow” bbq, it was a very tasty piece of meat.

Still, I miss Barky…

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Well here is some bark for you:

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So I’m not sure where to put this, honestly the whole thing should just go in the garbage. So I was hungry for lunch and decided to run to the Wawa by my office for a bite to eat. When I walk up to the terminal to order a sandwich what do I see but “New Brisket Sandwiches” on brioche bun! So there were a variety and believe it or not, they have some bizarre hot ham and cheese sandwich usually by the register under hot lamps, which is bizarrely good to me. Since I couldn’t fid the hot ham and cheese I decided to give the “brisket” sammie a try. You’ve heard to avoid gas station sushi right? Well let’s add brisket on brioche to that list. First I just want to show you the pic from their web site:

It tasted like chopped up hot dog, bbq. sauce and jalepeno relish. The “brioche bun” was like a hot dog bun. As I type this I have hot dog heart burn, I really hate myself right now.

Here’s the actual sandwich…case closed.



Err, I mean, I’m sorry you had a bad experience.


(I really think we need an FU button.)

Oh hey Seal!! Long time no chat. To be honest I was curious what the story was with their burgers, they now offer them as well. I really didn’t check it out, but they have expanded their menu offerings quite a bit, while their subs were subway level, I use to enjoy getting a club sandwich. This though is just bad news.


Clearly not the bun that is pictured
In the picture the cheese is melted, in your pic not melted
Where’s all that nice spicy cherry pepper relish from their picture??
Even the jalapenos you got seem subpar
Not gonna even comment on the brisket

And whats this about a “Follow Up” button?


No joke; in a former job, there were all sorts of internally-used abbreviations because the arsehole owners didn’t want to waste time reading words. FU did stand for follow up, and from day 1, I laughed every time I used it.

@NotJrvedivici (and others) Fwiw, my folks have loved the Wawa meatball sub (in FL) for years…have you ever tried it?

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I never tried their meatball sub, but I did try them as a “side” one time. All I can recall is it didn’t automatically cause me to vomit, so that’s a good thing.


I first stopped into Wawa around 4 years ago as I had always heard great things about their sandwiches. Too many other better sandwich options.
However, I have found myself in need of breakfast items on 36 and have stopped at Gem’s for bagels and Wawa for scrambled egg and sausage burritos. Both fill the need nicely. I too saw the brisket sign and was intrigued.

How timely…


If it were post 9:00pm and I hadn’t eaten I would have destroyed that thing no questions asked, but then again I’ve consumed Duane Reade Grab and Go Tuna Wraps post expiry more then twice.