Brisket all the way, moist with lots of bark.

Continuing the discussion from The Big Ole NJ Steak Thread:

I’m confused. If you want to make an NJ brisket thread the subject has to be a lot more compelling lol.

Just saw this on Twitter…

@NotJrvedivici since OP is from Texas suggest we move this from NJ board to general cooking discussions.

Would further state that I agree with CJ that the premise be more compelling than “Continuing the discussion from The Big Ole NJ Steak Thread” but then perhaps the OP has nothing compelling to say about brisket.

Knowing a few Texans I find that hard to believe but then there you have it.

To put this another way…

Where’s the beef ?

By the way, I much prefer clod to brisket.

Lol. I had some real Cali tri tip bbq last night out here in Santa Clarita and although not “low n slow” bbq, it was a very tasty piece of meat.

Still, I miss Barky…

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Well here is some bark for you:

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