Brighton Bodega [Boston MA]

Sheryl Julian has essentially a love letter to Brighton Bodega in the Globe online (presumably it will be in the print version tomorrow). Anyone been?

We’ve been quite a few times when they were new-ish and always loved their ever-rotating menu.


@sunnyday, thank you and obviously I should have done a search, geez!!!

Confirming that Sheryl Julian’s article is in the print edition (01/15/2020).

A detail that catches my eye is that Brighton Bodega is operated by the Superior Dining Group, which specializes in neighborhood spots: Barlow’s (South Boston), Copper House Tavern (Waltham), Orleans (Somerville), Warren Tavern (Charlestown), and Porter Belly’s Pub and Devlin’s (Brighton Center).

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We went a few times when we still lived in Brighton. We always thought it was quite good, and I liked the people and vibe. I enjoyed it much more than their other two places on the same block, Devlin’s and Porterbelly’s.