Brigham's Ice Cream

I grew up in central MA. Ice cream from Johnson’s Drive-in, (the one and only) Kimballs in Westford.
Discovered in season peach and strawberry ice cream at Erikson’s in Stow.
Moved to the North Shore and Benson’s became the mecca.
But whenever we want ice cream in the house its Brighams! Coffee, Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry.
And Peppermint Stick at Christmas.
Can’t beat it, consistent and delicious every time.


Never really a fan of Brigham’s ice cream, but I have fond memories of burgers at the dearly-departed Brigham’s in Harvard Square in grad school days. Not saying precisely how long ago ;-), but “Paper Chase” was a thing, and the place was frequented by groupies hoping to spot Harvard Law students.

Of course the original Steve’s was our go-to for ice cream then. Now we are mourning the closure of Morano Gelato.


I remember Brigham’s burgers too. This was definitely a treat when my sisters and I came back from an outing; we were living in Boston then, there used to be a Brigham’s in downtown we would hit up. Oddly enough, I don’t have tons of memories of their ice cream, though I’m sure I’ve had it. I don’t buy a lot of pints of ice cream these days, and when I do I usually go for the fancy small-batch artisanal stuff. There is a small Brigham’s bar that finally dropped the Brigham’s name in Quincy center, though I’m pretty sure they still use their ice cream. They also still advertise the lime rickeys with the same sign.

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Steve’s ice cream was the favorite treat for my friends and me back in the day. We’d slog through a snowstorm to get it.

My part-time job was at the State House. My co-workers and I would hit the dearly departed Bailey’s for ice cream in place of lunch. My fave was mocha lace.

Kimball’s is our go-to during the summer. At the moment we order in advance from Westford and get two hand-packed quarts for the freezer. This offers a useful setup for ice cream with social distancing.

But now I wanna check out the tubs of Brigham’s at Market Basket sometime. Because ice cream.


Lime rickeys!


My fave though was the raspberry lime rickey. :yum: