Brief, very brief, trip report Ogunquit to Kennebunkport

Actually , a couple of dinner reports!

Joshua’s, Wells:
We had been here a few years ago and were underwhelmed, but the menu looked good so we headed back. The place is very pretty - set back a bit from the road in a rustic house under the trees. The place has 3 or 4 rooms, all with tables that are well spaced and all decorated with this amazing lamps with handcrafted paper lampshades. Below is a picture of the chandelier in the room we dined in. The photo does not do it justice - it took up the whole ceiling!

We had a lovely server who I’m sure was the same person we had the first time we went. We enjoyed our cocktails and home made foccacia and walnut bread. The owner came around to chat with each table which I thought was a great touch. He was a down home Mainer and loved to talk!! For appetizers DH had the special arugula salad with truffle vinaigrette, applewood smoked bacon and shaved parm. The vinaigrette had chopped truffles, not truffle oil. For mains we both had the mustard crumb coated rack of lamb stuffed with mushrooms and basil. Honestly, there was very little stuffing and the lamb was wonderful and cooked to a perfect medium rare - the stuffing was not necessary. We shared dessert too - fudge pie with vanilla ice cream. This was more like a soft brownie and so, so chocolaty. The ice cream was a miss - it was icy and not the right consistency at all. We were very pleasantly surprised at this visit and plan to add it to our list for next year.

Ocean, Kennebunkport:
Ocean is a stunning restaurant. done in black,white and cream tones. The place is right on the water and the views are stunning. Again, I told them it was our anniversary so we got a great table and a champagne toast.

The week was cloudy and the sun picked a great day to come out.

Ocean is more formal, with servers with one hand behind their backs and everything you order is “perfect” or “wonderful.” DH started with foie gras with langoustine, mache salad, crispy shallots and onion cream. The flavor was explosive, The langoustine was so creamy and the tiny fried shallots packed quite a punch. The foie was a healthy portion and DH’s eyes were rolling back in his head as he ate it! For mains DH had what was described as Prime Colorado Grilled Striploin, Red Wine Braised Oxtail, Asparagus, Lyonnaise Potatoes, Red Wine Jus. It was two round steak pieces, again, perfectly cooked, but the oxtail and potatoes were combined and pressed into a rectangle together. I would have loved the braised oxtail and potatoes separated - the potatoes pressed together is great, but I did not get the combo. All we tasted was the potatoes anyway. I had the Roasted Chicken Roulade, Black Trumpet, Bacon, Potato Purée, Asparagus, Marsala Demi-Glace. Again, I thought the chicken was stuffed with the mushrooms and bacon, but they were on the side ( and those mushrooms were so earthy and good) and the stuffing was actually dark meat chicken mousse that was kind of dry. I actually had to ask for a bit more marsala sauce. The chicken was a miss. For dessert we shared Crème Brûlée, Coconut Gel, Pistachio, Passionfruit Sorbet. The creme brulee was not in a brulee dish but a little round and a bit too gelatin like for my taste. The coconut gel was little smears on the plate . I did not taste the sorbet.
We go to Ocean every year when we go to Maine. It’s a very special night out.

And lets not forget, my favorite breakfast place, The Greenery, Ogunquit. What can I say. Very friendly staff, home made breads and muffins that are to die for. The breads are so good I brought a marble rye home and it’s in the freezer. I eat one slice every day. They are double thick and with my French butter, - Ooh lala!!


Terrific report!

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Thanks, RedJim!

Thanks for the report! We skipped Ocean for the dining room at White Barn in last time we visited. I don’t think we’ll do that again.

I am curious how your meal was at White Barn. The place is beautiful but I thought the rest was not so great. Here is my review from the old days on CH - sorry HO’s!!

I have eaten at The White Barn Inn twice, and while the restaurant is truly beautiful (and the time we went in the fall with all the decorations in the large window was stunning), the food just doesn’t live up to the expectations put on it by the beauty of the room. It’s not bad, b y any stretch, it’s just not great.

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I completely agree with kimfair. The room is beautiful, the service attentive and professional, but the food just doesn’t seem to reach the level the restaurant is striving for. Not terrible, just not…noteworthy.


But expensive