Brief Manhattan Visit, Looking for Bread Pudding

Hi everyone,

A couple of friends are visiting Manhattan – really, all over – this week, and for whatever reason, are hoping to eat superlative bread pudding; but “no raisins” was repeated ad nauseum.

Perhaps folks here could help recommend their favorite bread pudding places.


In the absence of any recs so far, I’ll suggest that Yelp is a good specific dish search vehicle.

Of course they’ll then have to go a step further to check reviews and current menus for the raisin issue.

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I rarely eat it anymore, but I love bread pudding, so I’ll be interested in what anyone recommends and what you find out! I’m totally fine with raisins, though.


I often use Google maps and the search term, then sort out the items with a rating of 4 or higher, and any places that don’t interest me.

In this instance, I then cross reference the current menu to see if bread pudding is on the menu, then check for raisins.

I was curious about Bread Pudding in Manhattan, and Magnolia Bakery came up right away, as well as Blue Ribbon Sushi’s ginger bread pudding .

I think of bread pudding as more of a cold weather dessert, not sure if it’s somewhat seasonal for restaurants, since many restaurants are focused on seasonal fruit desserts right now.

Jacob’s Pickles has a biscuit bread pudding available.


Cheeky Sandwiches

Thursday Kitchen

I’m with your friends re: bread pudding. No raisins! It’s often hard to find a restaurant bread pudding without them. That said, I don’t know of any place that’s serving bread pudding right now.

Just get the chocolate babka at Russ and daughters and call it a day. It’s gooey. No raisins. Or try new Orleans instead.

We had dinner at Riverpark in late June and had bread pudding for dessert. It was delicious and tasted kind of like french toast. Definitely no raisins.

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I appreciate your input, folks!

Had no idea yelp was still a thing; always thought it was just a marriage of Caps Lock and periods. after. every. word.

Hmm, they’d like babka, but that’s not exactly an analogous dessert. Better save that for a different thread!

As for a biscuit bread pudding, that would probably pass muster, too.

Has anyone tried the “s’mores bread pudding” at Giorgio’s of Gramercy?
Or, might there be a nice hotel buffet with bread pudding?

Let us know what you find

Biscuit bread pudding, s’mores bread pudding don’t sound good. Gotta have something to absorb all the goodness ! Gotta be something better.

I’m a huge fan of the dish. My favorite is the white chocolate bread pudding they have at the jazz and heritage fest in nola

Good luck !

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I was trying to think of “American” or “British” restaurants but most of the ones I could think of had sticky toffee pudding but no bread pudding.

HOWEVER it seems that all the Blue Ribbon restaurants have some kind of (but mostly chocolate chip) bread pudding on their dessert menus — and while I can’t imagine that any monster would put raisins in with chocolate chips, better to call and confirm! (The Ribbon also has it, though they seem to no longer be affiliated.)


And a ginger bread pudding at Blue Ribbon Sushi.