Brickwall Tavern, Asbury Park

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Anybody know what is going on with oyster Tuesdays at Brickwall?

Will this continue under the new menu?

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Have they made some big change (in general)? Haven’t seen/heard anything outside of this thread…

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Yep. They were closed last Tuesday, Feb 20, to get the new menu in place.

They usually post the Tuesday oyster selection on their face book page, but I haven’t seen this since December.

At a buck a shuck for both east and west coast oysters this is one of my go to favorites in AP.


Hmm. I can’t lie; it’s not one of my go-to spots in AP, so I’m not sure! (And that’s not for any particular reason…there are just so many other places I think of first.) I’ll keep my ears open, though.

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The food is kind of averagish bar food so typical for this area.

But the oysters are good.

They’ve also added a catfish sandwich that looks interesting. I love good fried catfish.