Brick Farm Tavern (Hopewell, NJ)

We have been looking to try this place out for a while. When plans fell through on Saturday the baby and I went to meet friends and their 6 week old baby for lunch. First impressions, the restaurant is beautiful. Set in an old farm house with lovely wooden floors, polished fireplaces and a close attention to detail. On the property is a distillery and brewery which we didn’t check out but would like to on a future visit. They sat us in a room by ourselves which was probably because they didn’t know what would happen with two small children! We appreciated being able to spread out and I was able to let mine explore a bit.

The service was a little slow, but honestly we were occupied and chatting so no harm there. They were accommodating with bringing out bread for my daughter to gnaw on. I ordered a pulled pork hash with a poached egg. Damn tasty. Not a huge portion for $18 but I would totally order it again. I didn’t pay but these aren’t cheap eats.

All in all, a super pleasant, very tasty trip out. It is a bit of a hike for me but worth it. I would like to try them for dinner again when the weather warms up and they can showcase some of their local produce.

Best reason to go - TROON BREWERY!!!

@gracieggg, did you ever go back for dinner? I’ve been for lunch too but I’ve been invited for dinner in mid-August. Would appreciate any suggestions?

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I have to check this place out. Any restaurant with a Corpse Reviver (though not traditional) on the menu is worth a visit. I’m in the New Hope area often (only 10 miles away) and will have to try to get over here.

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No! But I would love to. I need to get back here. Such an out of the way location for me but it was awesome the first time.