Brexit - it's getting really serious

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Messy situation but ice creams? LVMH?!



I see, the alcohol.

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We shall need alcohol post-Brexit. It might cause me to start drinking again!!

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Joking aside:

And two of today’s newspapers report that, in the event of serious civil unrest, the Queen would be evacuated from London.


Where can she go? She is a symbol and is obliged to stay!
If she quits, the boat sinks.

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Just away from the capital. The monarchy has property in northern Scotland (where she shoud be able to get very fresh venison) and in Norfolk (where the seafood is excellent). She takes a winter holiday in Scotland and a summer one in Norfolk.

But, as you say, it would be a public relations disaster if it happened.


This is amusing.,.

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Although probably not, if you were a British pensioner wondering whether your government was going to continue paying for your health care.


The funny part was that they were pro brexit but wanted nothing to do with England other than wanting their benefits so they could stay in Spain :es: