Brewer's Tap and Table (waltham MA)

so we’ve been itching to get to this place since it opened a few weeks ago but with the holidays we just got there. It’s going to be a great addition to the neighborhood.

They are still adding to their menu apparently each week. The menu will change regularly if not weekly. They also have their Dinner menu until 9pm and then switch to a late night menu until 12am

They had something like 38 craft beer on top, a solid selection of bourbon - and a sort of sad wine selection (just vet standard and basic).

So what did we have:

Oyster mushroom “fritter” - this was a home run. It was 3 whole fried large oyster mushrooms. Breaking was great and crunchy - mushrooms tasted great and perfectly cooked - served with a sriracha mayo and house pickled veggies.

Roasted broccolini with curry carrot purée. Flavors were great and roasted really well. But I would have liked more curry flavor in the carrots and it needs to come to the table hotter.

Flank steak with patata bravas. - again great flavors, flank steak cooked really well. Potatoes were great with great crunchy outside and soft insides (they must be lightly breaded). But temp was an issue again. Maybe serving it on a quarter sheet pan just sucks too much heat out of the meat.

We had 3 different cocktails (not huge beer folks) all were solid. A smoked Manhattan - a take on a sazerac - and a pear daqueri.

We will be back. (Sorry for typos - on phone).


Oh, thanks so much for the report, Thimes. It sounds like they’re still finding their sea legs, but are still worth trying. My son almost headed there last night but went to Amuleto instead. He’s a big craft beer lover so we’ll get there soon. He’s also a vegetarian, and it looks like they have some inventive veggie dishes that are more than an afterthought.

They are still getting their legs but what I appreciate is that they decided not to open with what they see as their full menu. They are starting more limited and adding as the kitchen gets their grove on. Smart in my opinion. Their menu is divided into “small/medium/large” plates. Apparently they just added large plates last week. I have high hopes for them.