Breville Smart Oven Pro

Our Cuisinart toaster oven is about to move out and so it was time to figure out who would replace it. I have been watching this oven, reading reviews, for some time, and when my Mother asked what I wanted for my birthday, I asked for this fine piece of machinery.

It is good! It is almost a full second oven. Its primary duty is toasting, and it does this really well for both sliced bread and bagels. I have baked cookies, with moderate success. We have also reheated pizza and it does a terrific job on this as well. So far, this expensive toy has earned a place on our countertops. Very pleased with our purchase. I plan to try a gratin and perhaps a shepard’s pie before our 30-day-bring-it-back-to-the-store period is over.

Congratulation. I bought the Mini Smart Oven because I want a smarter oven which better fit my counterspace. Yes, these Breville ovens are very nice.

I have a smart oven and I love it. It’s not the pro, its the large one. The toaster works really well. The best was, I wasn’t planning on buying a new toaster/oven but I had a lot of points on my credit card and I saw it and that was it… It really comes in handy when you have company and a lot of cooking at different temps, too.

So glad you are happy with your purchase! We have the Smart Oven (medium size) and love it. Since there are only two of us it is often used as the main oven. I also bought a Breville food processor and use that a lot. Very well thought out products.

I so agree about Breville. The products are very well thought out. I love that the slicing blade of the food processor is adjustable… duh!! It should be. And I also like the way their electric plugs have the hole in them that makes it so easy to grip.

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I’ve had the original large Smart Oven for years but I’ve only been using it regularly for the past 6 months or so. I never toast anything - I only use it for oven functions. While I appreciate having a small oven as an alternative to heating up the apartment to cook for one person, I do have some issues with it. The ones at the top of my list:

  • The convection fan has developed an annoying loud rattle.
  • The oven takes far longer to reach the desired temperature than the indicator suggests. The last two times I baked cakes in there I used a separate oven thermometer to check it, and though I had it set at 325 convection, when the beep went off indicating that the oven was preheated it was actually only at 200 degrees. Took another 10-12 minutes to reach the proper temperature.
  • It takes forever to cool down.
  • The footprint is so large that I had to buy a separate kitchen cart to set it on.

I’ve read many complaints online about poor quality control and faulty units, so I’m not sure I would buy another if this one dies. I’m sure I could bring it back to Bed Bath & Beyond for an exchange because they’re great about that kind of thing, but I can’t justify schlepping it there on the subway when it’s still working (albeit not that well).

I have the 800XL, which is the “Pro” without the light and slow cooker function. I like it for everything except toasting–it takes a lot longer than a $20 toaster. Breads without sugar take exceptionally long, up to 7 minutes.


It does take a long time to toast,but it toasts evenly. I hate uncooked spots in my toast!

Goodhealthgourmet,…Bed Bath & Beyond recently implemented a comprehensive policy change regarding returns. They are now time limited and require a receipt…I have the 800 XL and sometimes it acts wonky…

Are you people crazy? $250 plus for a toaster oven with a one year warranty? I got a GE convection toaster oven w/ rotisserie, for $49 with a 2 year warranty which I have been using for 5 years in which I have roasted pork shoulder outside during the summer numerous times. I make toast in it, cookies, bake in it all the time. So, that has been $10 a year and I’m thinking I either have to spend some time cleaning the interior, or I can throw it out and get a new one and I’m still $150 ahead.

I agree with you that the Breville isn’t a great value. However, the large unit (800XL), with all its functions and capacity, is still best-in-class, IMO. Will your GE, for instance, differentially heat sandwich slices so that one side is crisp, yet the other remains moist, at the push of a button? And does it offer frozen and fresh pizza options? Will yours accommodate a 13" pizza? Will it easily accept quarter sheet pans? Have you compared the ergonomics?

My purchase was for my beach cabin, which lacked a conventional oven. While I have been sorely disappointed in the big Breville’s performance as a toaster, this is not the unit’s fault–the elements are simply too far from the center rack position to toast quickly. All other functions have worked fabulously.

I think people gladly pay a premium for the automated functions, the appearance and ergonomics of Breville. They certainly have sold a lot of them at 5x the competition’s price…

Darn. I always keep my receipts but the time limit is a bummer.

I love mine and have made both gratins and shepherd’s pie in it many times with great success. It has become my principal oven.

Only change in policy is -20% on returns without receipt after one year. Seems fair to me. Other than that, returns are fairly unconditional.

What is the secret? My toast always comes out spotty - brown in the middle, uncooked in spots. I frequently only toast one slice - is there a trick to placement? I like my toast dark, too.

I resisted buying a Breville for many years for the same reasons you stated, expensive and short warranty. Because I use a toaster oven much more than my conventional oven, I finally bought the 800XL this past February. It is a superior machine than the Cuisinart it replaced but probably not worth 3X the price. It does not toast as well as a dedicated toaster as Kaleo stated and it uses more energy. That being said, if cost is not an consideration, this is a terrific toaster oven.

Try putting on the frozen button.

I will! Thanks!

That worked. At least on the top! Thanks!

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