[Brentford, London] Ing

I ate at this Thai restaurant some years back when, I think, it had a different name. It’s just down the road from the Premier Inn where I was staying whilst doing some research at the National Archives. As well as it being very handy, the food’s pretty decent as well.

There’s a shortish menu – always a good sign in my book. I started with som tum salad – shreds of green papaya and carrot, crunch from peanuts, a a zing from lime juice and blisteringly spicy from chilli. Maybe I’m becoming a wimp in old age but I’d have been quite happy for it to have been toned down a bit. Not much, of course, som tum has to be hot and, to be fair, I was asked if I was OK with it spicy. I replied “Yes, British spicy, not Thai spicy”. I followed that with pad thai – a nice mix of noodles, bean sprouts, spring onions, shreds of omelette and pork, and a sprinkling of crushed peanuts. There was a slight sweetness in there which was nice and, by the time I’d finished it, the chilli numbness from the salad had worn off.