Brent’s Deli cole slaw recipe????

LA area deli fans……. We’ve been to most of the LA area Jewish delis over the years but live in South OC where the pickings are pretty slim. Yesterday we visited some old friends in Ventura County and had dinner at Brent’s in Westlake Village. I had their #13, which is pretty much the same thing as Langer’s #19. Thoroughly enjoyed it, both the half I had there and the other half I had for dinner tonight.

I usually don’t like small-chop deli cole slaw but there’s is especially good. I Googled for a knock-off recipe but couldn’t find one. The dressing seems to have mayo in it, but is pretty thin, so likely vinegar, but not really acidic to my palate. Any help/ideas would be greatly appreciated. TIAI

According to their listing on Gold Belly the coleslaw ingredients are cabbage, salt, buttermilk, mayonnaise, sugar, white pepper, white vinegar.


Ah. Thanks!!! The buttermilk must be what thins out the mayo without adding a lot of the vinegar. I would never have thought of that.

Now I need to figure out what to do with the other 98% of the buttermilk given my lactose intolerance. :woozy_face:


Given the ingredient list provided by @ScottinPollock, you might try making this recipe and tinkering until it tastes right.

Everything I’ve tried from Brent’s Deli tasted quite sweet to me so you may need more sugar than the recipe calls for.

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I use it all over the place in baking. Also makes a good marinade!

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“……given my lactose intolerance.“.

I hear the following is actually quite good…

Freeze it in ice cube trays for the next time you want to make the dressing. I only buy a pint at a time even though i use it often.


Where do you find pints of buttermilk?

I only find it in quarts. However, as I use buttermilk often and it lasts a long time, it’s not a problem.

Umpqua Dairy and Kroger both have it in pints. Umpqua is a PNW company so depending on where you live it may not be available. I know it last along time but sometimes the dressing I make with it doesn’t seem to last as long as when made with fresh.

I live in Los Angeles, CA.

I haven’t heard of Umpqua. We don’t have Kroger. We have Ralph’s which is owned by Kroger.

I usually buy buttermilk at Sprouts. They carry buttermilk from grass fed cows. It’s delicious.

We don’t have a Kroger either, Fred Meyer which is owned by them and carries a lot of their products.
We have a wonderful grass feed and organic dairy in the the area but unfortunately they don’t do buttermilk. Their milk reminds me of what I had as a child when we had a cow.

Whole Foods in the north east has pints (Kate’s brand) and quarts.
But we have tried freezing it, thanks for the tip!