Brelundi, Watch Factory, Waltham MA

Monday night we had a delicious meal at the new Brelundi Ristorante on Crescent St. at the Watch Factory in Waltham. (Not to be confused with Brelundi Cafe on Felton St.) Lovely house-made cavatelli Amatriciana with guancgialefor me and for my husband, chicken parm, which was actually a perfectly fried chicken roulade stuffed with melty cheese and herbs and served with house-made (spelt?) fusilli. Arancini to start and a pistachio and a chocolate gelato to finish were delicious and service was really enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Very nice addition to Waltham and we will be back.

Oh, and we picked up a wonderful chocolate panettone from the bakery adjacent to the restaurant.


Thanks for the report. This is the 3rd source I’ve heard very positive things on Brelundi. Also, the prices look very fair. Can’t wait to try it!