BRED burgers (Dorchester, MA)

I heard good things from friends who live down that way. I had never heard of BRED before yesterday? Any experiences or insight to offer? It is a bit out of my way, but I’d make a trip. Looks like no onion rings from the online menu and that makes me sad.

This is an old unanswered thread but I was down that way today - did a quick search - and saw this post - so we went.

It was delicious. It is a very small no frills place - 4 high top tables (2 four tops and 2 two tops). But the staff was great - the burgers were tasty and very well cooked (we had the classic and the Parisian, minus the egg). The fries were great too. 5 beer on top and a few wines (we didn’t drink today) - otherwise just bottled soda.

We’d definitely go back and/or recommend if you’re down there.


The asterisks against several of the burgers on the menu, including the two you had, suggest they might be served raw (or, less thrillingly, “underdone”). How did you have yours?

We ordered them medium (I only do rare ground meat at home - personal issues) and they were cooked perfectly to medium, and still perfectly moist and juicy. And not those super thin 'smashed" burgers (which we enjoy at times as well)…

Really we were impressed and both wished it was closer to home - it would be our go to burger place so far.

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