Breakwater BBQ, El Granada - Tasty TX style brisket!

We tried out Breakwater Barbecue Sat 7/18/20 for the first time. Parking is along the street is easy and free. Line can be long for ordering, but if u order in advance u can pick up at their window.

I waited about 10-15 min to order, it didn’t take too long. I paid by credit card. You get a number and pickup food at the window.

I got:
Brisket plate $17. It’s 1/3lb of brisket, 2 sides, slice of yellow bread, some raw onions & slices pickles. We loved the brisket, very juicy and tender. Sides we coleslaw we liked and Mac & cheese, kinda meh.

Rib Plate $16 - 1/2lb ribs we ok, Bbq sauce on the side was good, 2 sides i picked were baked beans and potato salad. Beans were kinda sweet and more like a chili to me just ok, I liked the potato salad better.

Got a slice of Texas sheet cake $4 for dessert ate it later when I went home, it’s got a sweet sugar topping w/ pecans, cake was moist.

Cowboy cookie $3 - not made there, made in someone’s home. It was ok, nothing special.

One unisex bathroom. Outdoor tables for dining during Covid19.

Worth a visit if you are in HMB area.

Breakwater Barbeque
30 Ave Portola, El Granada 94018
Fri-Sun 12-5 (or when they sell out)


What is yellow bread? Egg bread maybe?Interesting.

I don’t know, I’m just reporting on the color of it. I didn’t ask. Are u going to try the place out? Hope you do.

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My foodie coworker told me all about it. She loved the Cowboy Cookie and very nicely offered to bring me one. I’m definitely trying the brisket very soon.

My pic of the cookie with a bite taken out.

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My understanding is there’s coconut in the cookie, which means a no from me.

The plates look great but @ $17 & $16 for that amount of food wouldn’t go over very well where I live in Texas.
Too skimpy and expensive.


Proper brisket in the Bay Area? now that’s news!

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Yeah, an unfortunate drawback of the Bay Area. We have a BBQ place in a less-tony part of Hayward that charges even more for platters, and basically all you get with them is bread.


We went Saturday and got a bunch of stuff to take home. The brisket and the hot links were very good. Didn’t get any ribs this time, but I will. I did not like the cornbread–not rustic enough for me (too much white flour and the cornmeal was too fine). I liked the beans and greens, but the potato salad was weird and mealy. Texas sheet cake was pretty good.

I kind of want to get takeout ribs here and takeout ribs from Gorilla and do a comparison.