Breaking out London/UK, and possibly Australia

I think London/UK and Australia should have their own boards from the outset here. Since this is an English-language forum, it will provide an attractive place for foodies in those countries to discuss their their own local food scenes. This is being seen already in the case of London. Posts related to non-English speaking countries will mostly be by and for travelers, not the local foodies who will of course have forums in their own languages. The latter boards really serve a different function and can be grouped more casually.

I did for UK since its pretty active. I’ll lump Australia with the rest for now until some Aussies join in the fun.

There’s scope for expansion in due course - something that the “other place” has always ignored, treating the international boards generally as places where Americans ask other Americans about the same old, same old places.

For example, there are nearly 1 million Britons registered as residents in Spain - it’s one of our favourite overseas retirement destinations. Many, many more, own property there and spend long periods in the country but are not official residents. There’s the possibility of trying to develop cross-over information. Long term stayers in a country are going to know about places that the short-term tourist is unlikely to come across. Tricky project, though.

Language issues aside, a board can only be sustained in the long term by people who live there, locals or expats. Though of course, building a board from zero, which we aren’t even doing here, is a pretty monumental task unless one has connections.

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Bessarabsky Market, Kyiv. Ukraine
Credit: Juan Antonio Segal, Flickr