Breakfasts of the world photo game (SFBA)

Without repeating a location in this thread, name a country, city, province, etc. and an SFBA restaurant open during breakfast hours representing food from that region.

Da rules: One restaurant per reply, you can’t play again until a different player posts a new photo/restaurant! Repeats for claimed locations allowed if you get more regionally broad or specific (e.g., I’m playing Gallardos for “Mexico”, another player could play La Torta Gorda for Pueblan; or vice versa if I’d played La Torta Gorda). Play with recent or aged photos, but only places you would still recommend!

Hoping to see a great NY style breakfast sandwich (bonus points for Greek coffee cups), ful, jook, and others. See also underrepresented national cuisines in the SFBA.

Mexico: Gallardos, at 18th and Shotwell in the Mission.

Birria al horno, dry-style birria with soup on the side, served with fresh made tortillas. IMHO, a great option to try once in a while, but I prefer the regular style! Birria and menudo only available on Saturdays and Sundays.

Tampiquena. This variety plate has lots of good stuff, and I especially like the opportunity to try their chilaquiles without committing to a whole plate.


Good idea.

I’m not a breakfast person but enjoy learning about what people in different parts of the world eat.

Here’s my gripe. Nothing’s open for breakfast around me except for pancake, bagels and croissants, which I don’t know if it qualifies for Breakfasts of the World. Does brunch count?

Brunch works! You could certainly play America or California or France (or Breton kouign amman).

It is a challenging game because a lot of international breakfast foods are eaten here for lunch or dinner.