Breakfast at The Neighborhood Restaurant (Somerville, Union Squaire)

It had been many years since I visited the Neighborhood Restaurant in Union Square. I think I may have been dissuaded by the long brunch lines on the weekend. However, after our visit recently for a weekday breakfast, I will definitely be back soon. They open at 7a every day, so it can work for a before school/work breakfast. I can’t believe the Neighborhood has been right under my nose while I pine for breakfast options.

The food was all excellent and obviously made from scratch. They do the standards well, pancakes and waffles for the kids; omelets for the adults. The home fries are exactly how I like them, well done with plenty of crisp crust. Also they toast from their homemade bread is a treat as well. The kids enjoyed the cornbread.

In addition to great food at more than fair prices, the service and other patrons are welcoming. There were people from every walk of life enjoying breakfast, professionals, laborers, students, tourists, etc. The clientele represents the diversity of the area much more than some of the gentrified places peddling $5 coffee and avocado toast. When the waitress brought my son a piece of cornbread with a candle in it upon overhearing it was his birthday, every person in the half full restaurant joined in singing happy birthday to him. It was touching and a breath of fresh air.


You didn’t mention the cream of wheat? It’s free with everything and is fantastic.


Free cream of wheat with “everything”?

Nobody tell my wife. She’ll be there every morning, buying a cup of coffee (instead of making me mine – and, hey, just to clarify I do all the other cooking at home, including frying the egg that goes with that coffee), then waiting expectantly for her cream of wheat…

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