Bread Obsession, Lexington MA from Berman's

To get over our election blues, we made a hearty mushroom soup today, brimming with the last of our Lex Farm carrots plus parsnips, celery root, 4 Star Farms wheat berries (from Northfield, MA), mushrooms, potatoes, and celery. We had to take a break from watching the coverage of the demonstrations so we got on our bikes and after a playground pit stop, we went to Berman’s for wine and bread. They get bread deliveries from Bread Obsession Thurs-Sat (decent bagels on Thurs only, a good variety of breads Thurs-Sat). We got our usual haul of bread and wine along with something new to us - cardamom rolls. We just tried them - man, they are so unusual and delicious. They look like your usual dinner rolls with a nice sprinkle of coarse sea salt on top but bite into them and you get a just-right taste of cardamom (admittedly one of my favorite flavors). Give them a whirl. We’re glad we did.

ETA: Not sea salt, but some very flaky sugar on top. In any case, delicious when lightly toasted (and I do not have a sweet tooth).

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