Bread bake and sweet treats, what are you making 2021

Do you adhere to a GF diet?

Gotcha, I usually add too much liquid, so I have to go more slowly!

Finally made the burnt Basque cheesecake, thanks to @rooster ‘s inspiration a few weeks’ ago. I used a recipe from LA times Masterclass. The recipe by Dave Beran was the chef’s attempt to remake as close as possible, an excellent dessert he had in La Viña, San Sebastian, Spain.

A simple dessert on paper, but it isn’t that straight forward. My mistake: I didn’t use Philadelphia cream cheese as emphasised, but a local Cancoillotte (Franche-Comté). Second (lesser) mistake, I used convection heat for the first 20 minutes, the cake remained quite liquid but with a nice glossy burnt top. I cooked it an extra 25 minutes in oven without convection. Strangely no extra browning on the top. I tossed the whole thing in the fridge for the night. Had a bite this morning, not bad, it wasn’t as solid as desired, I still blame the cheese.


I made the same cake using tea instead of coffee. My brother in law, an avid tea drinker was the only person who noticed - until he brought it up, then everyone said, oh yes!

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“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold