Bread at H Mart/Tous Les Jours Hartsdale, NY

I have been enjoying the Italian/French loaf from Tous Les Jours. It combines some of the lightness of a Vietnamese bahn mi with the size of an Italian hero loaf, so it is capacious and, yet, light and crispy.

I don’t like anything else I’ve tried from Tous Les Jours, but this bread is a winner. Highly recommend if you prefer something less dense and bready than the typical Italian hero loaf.

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We really like their blueberry cake, light and not too sweet
loaded with blueberries. I have not cared for any of their other cakes. I think I
remember liking their brioche.

The Italian/French loaf you are describing sounds great, thank you for the
recommendation, looking forward to trying it.

I can’t find one of my own pics, here is one I lifted from the internet.

Hope you enjoy the bread!

If the bread pictured is the one you have described than yes…we have enjoyed it.
In fact a little too much… I had to stop buying it. I had completely forgotten about it
Throwing in a cake slice pic too
They changed the shape of the cake

Yes, that’s the bread. I’m moving to Chicago in a few days, so no more HMart bread for me!

Oh no…our loss
I hope you love Chicago as much as I do
Best to you

Sorry to see you go, but enjoy Chicago. They have some great food! Well, except the pizza - I AM a New Yorker!

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Thank you so much for your kind words! I do love Chicago, and look forward to posting from there.

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Thank you so much, and agree about the pizza (altho’ I’m afraid deep dish is sorta growing on me and Malnatti’s is around the corner!


You just have to think of Chicago-style as an entirely different food! I love both, for different reasons. And I’m SUPER jealous of anyone who lives around the corner from a Lou Malnati’s - they’re my favorite of all the deep dish chains!

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Got it. Cause it ain’t pizza!!! :wink:

What’s different about Lou Malnati’s?

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I don’t know that there’s anything intrinsically different about Lou Malnati’s, I just prefer the texture of their crust and flavor of their sauce and sausage to the other places I’ve tried (Gino’s East, Giordano’s, Pizza Capri, Uno/Due, etc.). Some places also add a top crust to the pizza (a thin layer of dough over the cheese, then the sauce on top of that dough), and I don’t care so much for that. Lou’s covers the pizza completely with a sausage frisbee so there’s sausage in every bite, and I DO care VERY MUCH for that!

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There are three H-Marts in Chicago. I stopped by one last time I was there.

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