Bravas (Healdsburg)

The Stark Restaurants Group has build over the years a small empire of restaurants in the Healdsburg area with perhaps Willi’s Wine Bar and Willi’s Seafood the most well established ones. Most of their restaurants tend to have a small plates approach and so it wasn’t very surprising that they also started a more “classical” Spanish tapas place in Healdsburg - Bravas Bar de Tapas.
As with some of their other restaurants Bravas might not be the most unique and creative place but it executes on a high level. And in today’s world on an actual reasonable price level with surprisingly large portions. Overall a very nice option in Healdsburg.

Roasted Red Beets, Cinnamon, Walnuts, Idiazabal

Fermin Jamon Iberico

Duck Meatballs, Tomato Sofrito, Green Olive Tapenade

Patatas Bravas, Spicy Tomato Sauce, Allioli

Baby Kale Salad, Shaved Manchego, Fennel, Preserved Lemon Vinaigrette

Duncan’s Mushrooms, Toasted Garlic, Parsley, Sherry Vinaigrette

Fried Eggplant Chips, Truffle Honey, Rosemary - these werereally addictive

Dungeness Crab Stuffed Piquillo Peppers, Idiazabal Cream, Jamon Migas

Octopus, Fingerlings, Smoked Paprika, Olives

Straus Family Organic Soft Serve, Tangerine Oil, Sea Salt, Goats Milk Caramel, Pedro Ximenez Volo Chocolate


We love Bravas Tapas! Are the crispy pig ears still on the menu? I think they were dressed with a whole mustard seed viniagrette… We have to order 2, dont want to share!

Yes, they are still on the menu - something to try for us the next time

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I haven’t been there in years! Glad to see that it’s still around. I’ll have to plan a visit soon.

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It would be interesting to find out who the new chef is. Cody Thomasson, long-time chef at Bravas, left in summer 2022 and when we visited in Oct 2022 the food was on the sloppy side, some of the dishes were good but others were disappointing. It was rather telling that I asked three staffers who the new chef was after hearing that Thomasson had left, and all anyone could tell me was that his name was “Jose.”

I asked, “Jose…who?” They all shrugged and said they didn’t know! We figured he was a fill-in and Stark Group was probably looking for a new chef. They do not publicize their restaurant chefs de cuisine, usually.