Brassica Kitchen

I went on Saturday as part of a large birthday party that was accommodated with finesse.

I have to say that Brassica is on my list of best new places I’ve been to in a long time.

The food was almost all excellent and the service was too. A lot of food was ordered but I’ll highlight some standouts.

The Brussles Sprouts with uni butter and umeboshi were amazing and something I’ll probably always order there no matter what. It was a crowd favorite.

The scallops with potato salad was likewise extraordinary. Perfectly seared scallops with a tangy potato salad that totally knocked my socks off. I’d eat that potato salad by the gallon.

The fried chicken was juicy and crusty and yummy.

The street corn was a bit wet and sloppy but very tasty.

Frites were great; homemade pickles were fresh and delicious as was the bread and butter platter (though I’m not totally on board with charging for bread and butter)

The steak was nicely cooked but underseasoned. The pan sauce it came with and the mushrooms made up for that somewhat, as the sauce was delicious.

I didn’t have the bone marrow but the folks that did really liked it.

Cocktails you ask? A fresh and inventive cocktail menu that really caught my interest. I had a “Rude Barbara” which was tequila, lime juice, rhubarb soda and a hit of hot chili – one of the best cocktails I have had in a long time. The other cocktail drinkers at the table likewise enjoyed theirs. Wine list is short and I’m not sure about beer.

Jeremy was in the kitchen cooking up the magic but occasionally was a non-distracting presence in the dining room delivering orders.

The room looks inviting but is VERY loud and needs better ventilation. A bit more light, too, if you ask me.

I’ll so be back. And soon.

P.S. If you’ve never had their morning donuts, you need to …


thanks for the excellent report! I do wish we were closer to JP…