Brands of Scrapple in the DC area and southern MD

All of the diners in the DC and Southern Maryland area seem to serve Rapa brand scrapple, if they serve any at all, and I’m interested in broadening my scrapple horizons. (I’mm relatively new to the delicacy.). Does anyone know of MD restaurants south of, say Howard County that serve other brands – or make their own?

I’m not interested in buying and cooking scrapple at home as I don’t eat it that often and my freezer is already full of sundry sausages, and my wife does not share my enthusiasm.

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I would like to suggest that you go to an Amish market and see what their restaurant serves. Often it will be from the butcher in the same place.


Good idea! thanks! I’ve put a couple on my to-eat list already.

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You can also ask a good butcher which restaurants serve their scrapple.


That’s a good thought, although the butchers near me (NW DC/Chevy Chase) are not of the scrapple making variety. (I actually checked Stachowki’s!) But I’ll be in the lookout. I’ll probably have better luck in Southern Maryland.

What I meant were the butchers at the Amish and Pennsylvania Dutch markets that are scattered around the whole mid-Atlantic region - there’s one on York Road in Cockeysville, MD for example.

There are a bunch in st. Mary’s County. Not so much in DC and inside the beltway

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Sorry I can’t answer your query, but it reminded of visiting my grandmother in Easton, PA when I was a kid and she would go to this large butcher that was on a basement level and buy their housemate scrapple and what she called “red meat.” The red meat was similar to pork roll (or maybe it was pork roll with a red tint) and she’d fry it for breakfast with eggs.


Lovely memory

oh dear . . .

scrapple is a bit like “did you enjoy the liver?”
ask the liver haters how the liver was cooked, and the usual reply is “I don’t know, never had it.”

which essentially describes scrapple. scrapple is like a stew - everybody does it more/less differently.

grew up with scrapple in the Phila suburbs, spent all summers on the Delaware Bay, never ever had any indication scrapple was such a big thing in Delaware…ala:

cousin from the MD Eastern Shore ( = boonies + some…) came to visit and specifically request scrapple. huh? anywheys . . . did it up with Habbersett’s - a brand I’ve been munching on since the 1950’s…

most restos get supplied by mega-wholesalers who likely do not identify the scrapple maker.

I’d suggest you do some mail order from the various brands and see which you like.
ps: raw scrapple freezes well.

OP already said plainly:

I’m not interested in buying and cooking scrapple at home as I don’t eat it that often and my freezer is already full of sundry sausages, and my wife does not share my enthusiasm.

. . . plainly said . . .
and apparently not working . . .

since alternative suggestions are unacceptable per your objections, , , stuff it.

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Happy Onion,


The amount of liver in scrapple, livermush, SC Hash, and, I suppose, other offal-based foods has declined as incomes have risen over the decades. I prefer to have some liver, but it isn’t noticeable in many scrapples, and SC hash is all over the map. Livermush has to be 30% liver by law in NC, which is about right if there’s a good bit of pepper and sage. Without the seasoning, as at the hash at Hite’s in SC, it can be too much for me.

I may need to take a trip to Delaware, although I abhor the idea of adding ketchup, and syrup is even worse.
2 Soul Sisters, place in Lusby, MD, near Solomons, makes their own, but they’ve always been out when I’ve called. They do have great food, including the best pork chop sandwich I can remember. They cook everything in cast iron. Great place.

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There is an Amish Market in Germantown and a Dutch Country Farmers Market in Laurel. I would try those first before journeying further out. They may also have a recommendation for you. Another source may be The Organic Butcher, in McLean and now in Bethesda, as well.

Thanks for the tips!

Don’t know if you’ve found a restaurant yet but I joined a FB group called Scrapple Trail and people there often mention stores and restaurants where they have procured good stuff. One recent mention: Marie’s Diner in La Plata. No personal experience

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Thanks! I’ve heard of Marie’s. I’ll try to get there