Brando's BBQ, Bow, WA

This is a new barbecue joint in Bow, an eastern “suburb” of Edison, WA.

Fair warning, the owner is a beach neighbor of mine, who has heretofore operated out of a food trailer. This is, as far as I can tell, the first week of a new brick-n-mortar location. We’ve eaten there once, yesterday.

I can report that a couple things on the menu, specifically the brisket, “corn slaw”, and the white Carolina sauce were excellent.

Since they’re brand new, I won’t dwell on what wasn’t star quality.

I urge everyone to give Brando’s a try, and I’ll report more as we try more offerings.


Will surely give it a look see. My younger kid always wants bbq, and we are sometimes off to Bow to grab Breadfarm since they stopped doing the B’ham farmers market except in the once monthly winter market events. We’ve tried a bunch of bbq up here, and the one place we liked the best (Burnt Ends, Lynden), just closed down. Bummer.

If you come down for baked goods, you owe it to yourself to try Water Tank Bakery, which is but a stone’s throw from Chuckanut Brewery’s now-sole (and much expanded) location. WTB’s selection isn’t as wide as Breadfarm’s, but I think what they do have is a little better. In the same sub-hood is also Garden Path Fermentation.

I certainly will because I can hardly imagine bread that is better than Breadfarm bread. They are my yardstick for all good bread in these parts, and the others (Avenue, Good Earth, Raven foods) don’t even come close.

I think they’re better. They’re also friendlier and less full of themselves.

WTB was doing farmers’ markets–not sure if that’s in the cards for 2023.

If you bake, you might also investigate the annual bread baking workshop given at the WSU Ag Extension west of Mt. Vernon. I have a Beach neighbor who took it and raved about how much her breads improved. $$$ IIRC…

I’ve never experienced attitude w/BF. But in any case, King Arthur also has a school thereabouts with classes, including bread. I’ve been concerned about the expense and also my free time is limited. But at some point I’ll take one of those classes. @MunchkinRedux has done so and enjoyed them.

Curious to hear a little more about the WSU Ag Extension bread workshop. Is that something separate from KAF?

I think it’s called The Bread Lab. They may be collaborating with KAF for the courses.

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You’re lucky. For a long time, they would only accept cash (The only ATMs not in other purveyors is several miles away). And you can always expect a semi-lecture about baking and patisserie; they still really don’t know what kouign aman is, and give blank stares if you order anything bien cuit. It kinda pervades the whole operation. I once offered the owner my Tutove to try with croissants, and rather than just ask what that was, she just blew me off. IMO, it’s an artifact of being the big fish in a small pond.

Don’t get me wrong, BF does a good job with most things, and I’m happy they’re there. But if I have an equal or better choice without the 'tude…

I once made a grand romantic gesture in Bow, WA so it holds a special place in my heart. I’m not sure I’ve been back since that fateful day. Maybe I’ll go back for brisket and bromance this time.