Brandl (Belmar, NJ)

My wife and I had dinner there the other Thursday night. I had high hopes but was totally disappointed. I don’t mind mistakes - but - this was an expensive one.

Was it us? Was it a bad night? Or is the place just a giant rip-off?

Hate to say it, but my impression is the latter. I was there once because friends insisted I’d love it (and it was their choice/their treat). Haven’t felt a need to return.

There is an old thread on CH regarding Brandl that generally echoed your comments from 10-15 years ago. I have generally been in the minority and have had overall positive experiences. My wife and I find ourselves there usually 2x per year. A Sunday in the summer when we each get the Lazy Lobster special (3 courses for $35 or thereabouts) and usually a wintertime meal when everything else is booked on Open Table, but Brandl has an opening (which itself is probably telling). I completely agree that even with the BYOB, they are typically not a good value.

I was thinking I must have commented about Brandl at some point on here…and voila–here it is, in the Stella Marina thread, where people started discussing more expensive places in the area:

I’m nothing but consistent… :blush:

I really don’t have anything to add about Brandl. Not a fan.
But I did want to say – I :heart: your new picture!


I have not been back in at least 10+ years, can’t really say why I stopped going but from what everyone is saying I guess it probably speaks for itself.

Same for us as well. Haven’t been back in many years.