Bran Muffins in the Mon/OC

Weird craving right? As far as I know, I’m neither pregnant nor constipated. Hell, at this moment, I’m even pretty sober.

The truth is, I haven’t had a bran muffin worth a damn in ages. The couple of lousy offerings I have tried (including one inedible, bronze snowball-like monstrosity in an AC Casino) only refueled the desire to get a great one.

So, anybody know a great muffin place around the coast? Bonus points if they have an offering with lots of “stuff” in it (carrots, raisins, nuts, etc.). Frankly, even a suggestion for a place in Manhattan would be appreciated as I have some commitments that will have me there a few times in the not too distant future.

(I started chuckling drafting this inquiry - Remember when cupcakes were hard to find and the ubiquity of muffin places was comic fodder?)