[Bramhall, Greater Manchester] Bombay to Mumbai

This was our first meal out of the new year and I really couldn’t think of a better spot for it. There’s always a warm welcome and we’ve never had a duff dish here, let alone a duff meal.

We’d not tried ragada pattice before. It’s two smallish potato “croquettes”, surrounded by white chickpeas (ragada) mixed with a couple of sweet and tangy chutneys which nicely perk up the croquettes. Masala dosa was the other starter and it comes as a smaller version than you get in many places, so definitely starter size, leaving you room for a main course. It’s crisp, filled with lightly spiced potatoes, and served with a nice vegetable sambhar and a coconut chutney.

For main courses, one of us went with the lamb chamku which has proved to be a regular order for us here. We particularly like the fact it’s a dryish, clingy sauce enhanced with the earthy sweetness of beetroot. Chicken kolhapuri is another dish we’ve eaten before. The meat is moist and not over-cooked and the sauce is lovely – well rounded and with a serious chilli kick. They do a vegetable version and it’s a toss-up whether I prefer that or the chicken. Sandeep also brought us a sample of chicken fried rice to try. I assume it’s an Indo-Chinese dish – certainly looked like a Chinese fried rice but the spicing seemed 100% Indian. Really nice.

As ever, carbs were excellent. We shared a portion of fluffy pilau rice. One of us also had a tandoori roti which comes exactly as you want it – soft but with the odd crispy bit round the edges. And one of us had the chilli and onion kulcha which has a nice “edge” to the flavour over a more classic naan.

Now, if everywhere else we go this year feeds us as well as B2M, then it’ll be a cracker of a year.


Wonderful start to your new year, indeed, John!

BTW, I had a miniscule masala dosa during a visit to Gymkhana in London a few years back - I was absolutely scandalised!
Now this is how the size of a masala thosai should be. I got this from Thohirah restaurant on Jalan Kayu, 5 minutes’ drive from our home in Seletar Hills, Singapore.


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Hah! Now, that is a masala dosa.

This one wasnt tiny - maybe 20cm across. But I did see tiny ones on an Indian buffet in London the other week - they actually looked quite cute.

By the by, I was thinking of you only last night, whie watching a new food series on TV. British Chinese guy called Gok Wan, who is better known as a fashion “expert” but has done one cooking series a few years back. This new series sees him visit Chinese communities round the world to see how local influences have effected traditional Chinese cuisine. Watched two shows last night - first in Barcelona, second in Malaysia. Nice programmes - he eats a bit, chats to locals a bit, cooks a bit. I felt quite a lot of the Malaysia stuff was pretty familiar to me through your posts.

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To more good eats in 2020, John! :grin::+1:

BTW, I’ll be going to Mumbai for a holiday this May, my first time back there in more than a decade! We’re hoping to cover a few of the city’s Parsi cafes:

That should be interesting, Peter. The restaurant had a “Parsi week” last year but we missed it. Sandeep’s business partner is Iranian so had something of an interest.

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